Cloud computing and storage is finally accessible to businesses of all types and sizes. Do you know how this groundbreaking technology can improve efficiency, security and accessibility for you?

In the years ahead, Cloud storage is poised to loom larger and will continue as an important and incredible tool for businesses across the globe, irrespective of their size! Many people, however, are still not aware of the benefits of cloud storage. This could be due to a lack of understanding among non-technical users. The second is uncertainty, small and medium-sized businesses are unsure on how to access the cloud, the cost involved, and whether it will help to improve their business.

In fact, moving towards cloud storage is now easier, safer and less expensive than ever! It’s the right time to tap on this amazing technology. Research has shown that almost 66% of small and medium-sized businesses are using some form of cloud storage. In Canada and the United States, a whopping 93% of businesses are leveraging on the expertise of cloud services providers to back up and protect their critical data.

There are several cloud-based data storage and sharing tools available in the market. However, you need to carefully analyze and go with the one that best suits your specific needs. The cloud experts at Tier 3 IT Solutions can help you with the best cloud storage service. The biggest shift in cloud storage service is that your data is no longer stored on a local device but hosted on remote servers. This makes it easier to manage security and access permission, to back it up, and to share important files with your co-workers.

If you are still uncertain about the huge benefits that cloud storage provides, here are 4 reasons why cloud storage is a necessity today.

Benefits Of Choosing Cloud Storage Services


As businesses move more of their data onto the cloud, security, and accessibility become more important. There are various tools like Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign-on, etc. that provide robust security for your data. These tools ensure that the data is only accessible to people who have your permission. Furthermore, Cloud Storage provides additional protection from malware and hackers. This is extremely important as it protects your business’ critical information. Small and medium-sized businesses are main targets for hackers, ransomware and other social engineering attacks, estimated at an alarming 45% and expected to increase over time. Take charge and protect your business by hiring professionals to do the job. Tier 3 IT Solutions is your trusted cloud services provider in the Edmonton area. Their team of cloud migration specialists has helped hundreds of businesses move to the cloud.

Usability and accessibility

Cloud services platforms offer a user-friendly interface that each staff can use easily without having in-depth technical skills. For example, Microsoft 365 has an amazing product called OneDrive for Business. It allows you to upload your file easily from any approved device using OneDrive. Your file storage and sharing platform allows your staff to access company files from anywhere via an internet connection or enabled local cache options. This option can have immense benefits to your business especially if you have a presence across multiple locations and your teams at different locations can collaborate and share the data with partners easily. Tier 3 IT Solutions can help your business take advantage of file sharing and collaboration services to build a more efficient business process.


Cloud storage is considerably more reasonable in cost than maintaining a large hard drive storage space. You pay only for what you use, as opposed to using on premise storage that needs to be built for future capacity needs. Moreover, the cost of the cloud storage service is distributed across numerous users. The key cost elements of the cloud depend on many factors such as network usage, capacity stored, and the frequency of data retrieved. Tier 3 IT Solutions can provide a cost-effective cloud storage solution for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Why does your business need to safeguard its data? If the data is lost or compromised, it may prove to be dangerous for your business. The data backup plan should include having more than one copy, medium, and place. If your data were to be compromised, accidentally deleted, or inaccessible, you can recover data from this backup plan. Ensuring your cloud services provider has backup capabilities is critically important and should be included in any decision made regarding which suppliers to use. The team at Tier 3 IT Solutions can help you evaluate your options and ensure that your data is being protected against these risks.


Cloud services have proved to be a boon to small to medium-sized businesses as it helps them to become more efficient. There are various benefits to use Cloud Storage services namely data security, easy usability & access to data, cost-effective solution & disaster recovery, in case of any unfortunate event. Tier 3 IT Solutions is the leading IT Company that offers cloud services and assures that all your important data is secure, accessible, and protected.