Businesses all over the world are more dependent on technology today than ever before. Unfortunately this dependence has the potential to introduce risks into their operations. Due to this ever growing reach, small and medium-sized businesses are in dire need to partner with a trusted Managed IT Services provider like Tier 3 IT Solutions. It’s rare that a business can satisfy its operation, HR, finance, sales & marketing tasks including all tech focused work that needs to be done on a daily basis. A Managed IT Services provider can help take these tasks off your plate and will be able to secure and support your organization more efficiently.

Tier 3 IT Solutions has a “business first” approach to technology management. This means that our clients should see a positive impact in their operations, efficiency, and profitability by leveraging on our Managed IT Services. We do this by first understanding our clients’ business goals, the challenges they’re facing and subsequently designing an IT Master Plan to help them improve their business performance. If you’re wondering what that means, here are 8 reasons why working with a Managed IT provider could be beneficial to your company.

How is working with a Managed IT Services Provider beneficial to your company?

1. Shortens Turnaround Time for Breakdowns

Technology is complicated, things change daily, new viruses and threats come out constantly, and your users will need support. To avoid tarnishing your reputation and decreasing productivity due to these breakdowns, the best thing you can do is prepare to deal with them ahead of time. When you hire a Managed IT Services provider like Tier 3 IT Solutions, you will reduce turnaround time for breakdowns. A reputable IT Services provider will have a team of Helpdesk Support specialists at hand, ready to support your users with any issues they may encounter. When technicians have a proactive mindset they will work to help avoid problems in the long run – because Tier 3 IT Solutions works on a flat fee billing system it is in both parties’ best interest to deal with problems quickly, and to avoid them in the long run.

2. Offers Updated IT Solutions

Keeping up with technology is nearly impossible, especially when it’s not your primary skill set or business focus. Working with a leading IT Service Provider like Tier 3 IT Solutions means you’ll have a plan and strategy tailored to your specific objectives. This plan will help you prepare for investments, evaluate your options, and ensure security and consistency in your network.

3. Provides Data Back-up

The information your staff creates, stores, and uses on a daily basis is the most valuable “technology asset” you own. Regardless of where that information is stored it must be protected. The Data Backup & Recovery specialists at Tier 3 IT Solutions recommend having an automated backup solution in place to keep “more than one copy, on more than one storage medium, in more than one physical location”. This style of backup solution helps to protect your critical data from permanent damage and loss.

4. Maintains 24/7/365 Monitoring

With managed IT services, you get round-the-clock service 24/7 that ensures your IT systems are running at optimum level, all the time. No matter how big or small the problem, your IT Service Provider is at hand for workable solutions. With Tier 3 IT Solutions, slight glitches or troublesome bugs are dealt with immediately.

5. Planning and consulting support

Helping your business assess the technology options and designing a plan to leverage them is one part of the IT Consulting Services that Tier 3 IT Solutions offers. Our clients are able to consult with our experts about projects they’re undertaking – we’ve helped with renovations, new buildings, business assessments and acquisitions, expansions, and of course all of the day to day equipment replacements that happen throughout the year. Having a partner who knows about your technology and your business helps you work together for a mutually beneficial end result.

6. Helps in Business and IT Strategy Planning

What are your business goals? With the right technology and strategy, your business can enjoy maximum productivity at a minimum cost over a fixed period. Tier3 IT Solutions helps you to plan and strategize to achieve your business goals and to ensure that productivity is guaranteed and improved.

7. Provides Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Depending on your business and industry there may be regulatory or compliance requirements that must be met. If your business collects, stores, or processes anything that is considered to be Personally Identifiable Information, then you are required to protect it on behalf of your clients. This means having proper technological systems and processes in place. The Compliance Experts at Tier 3 IT Solutions can help you navigate the web of regulations that may apply to your business.

8. Helps you Save Money

Having a well thought-out technology plan allows you to focus your efforts on running an effective and efficient business. So, while a Managed IT Services agreement will have a cost, the benefit to your business should always be a net positive. Whether you’re seeing an efficiency improvement, lowered risk, happier employees, or some other benefit, Tier 3 IT Solutions can help turn your “spend” into an investment.


Tier 3 IT Solutions is Edmonton’s most positively reviewed IT Solutions company. We go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional experience and to ensure your business sees a positive return on your technology investment. If you have questions about how we can help you secure, plan, and implement technology in your business we’d love to hear from you.