4 Common Technology Budgeting Mistakes

Are you planning to include your IT needs in your annual budget this year? If so, congratulations! You’re doing something incredible to ensure your small business’ success. Budgeting for technology can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to be ready for anything, but you also don’t want to overspend and waste valuable resources. […]

Protect Your Business Against Accounting Redirect Scams

Accounting redirect scams are one of the biggest financial threats to organizations today. This form of cyber-attack occurs when a fraudster poses as a company supplier over email. In their message, they’ll tell you that their payment details have recently been updated and provide you with new billing information to defraud your company. You might […]

The Swiss Cheese Model For Risk: Your Starting Point For Effective Cybersecurity

By 2025, it’s estimated that cybercrime will cost the global economy a huge $10.5 trillion annually. It’s easy to understand why. As organizations embrace cloud tools and hybrid working, the attack surface is growing rapidly. At the same time, cyber-attackers are becoming more conniving and sophisticated, meaning more organizations are falling victim to successful attacks […]

Phishing Scams: What To Watch Out For

Phishing scams are rising year on year. In 2021, over one in three Canadians were targeted by a phishing attack. Given the notoriety of these scams, it’s vital that individuals learn the signs to recognize these scams so they don’t fall victim. What is Phishing? Phishing is a form of cyber attack in which a […]

Should I Outsource my Businesses I.T

Business owners often wonder, should I Outsource my I.T. Department? We usually respond by asking a question of our own – Do you think I.T. is a role, or is it a department?  We believe that it is next to impossible to fulfill all the expectations of the typical business’ technology plans with one person.  […]

3 Types of Cyber Insurance You Need to Know About

As the world becomes more digitized and cybercrime increases, the need for cyber insurance is something businesses should not overlook. If your company handles, transmits or stores sensitive data, you need to know about cyber insurance. Cyber insurance is intended to protect businesses from the monetary losses arising from a cyber incident that could jeopardize […]

3 Times Businesses Were Denied Cyber Insurance Payouts

Cyber insurance is a type of insurance that protects businesses from financial losses that can result from a cyberattack. While it’s an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, there are some facts you should be aware of before purchasing a policy. Just because you have cyber insurance, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a […]

Don’t Fall for These Cyber Insurance Myths

As the world increasingly moves online, so do the risks to our businesses. Cyber insurance is one way to help your business recover following a cyberattack. It covers financial losses caused by events such as data breaches, cyber theft, ransomware and more. Cyber insurance can be beneficial in many ways since it typically covers the […]

How an IT Service Provider Can Help With Cyber Insurance

When looking for cyber insurance for your small business, you may find it hard to navigate technology and insurance jargon. There are even different types of cyber coverage and you might not be sure what you need because you’re not a cybersecurity expert. Plus, once you do have coverage, there’s always the risk of not […]

Busting Four Popular Cybersecurity Myths

As the business world becomes increasingly digitized, you’ll have to tackle several dangers that come with doing business online. Cybercriminals nowadays have several methods to target organizations, from credential hacks to sophisticated ransomware attacks.  This is why it’s critical to think about measures to protect your organization in every possible way. If you are unfamiliar […]

4 Cyberthreats Small Businesses Need to Know

Data breaches have become more common in recent years, owing primarily to the rapid emergence of new threats. According to a new study, the average cost of a data breach increased 2.6% from 2021 to 2022.* Hackers can now access sensitive information a lot easier than ever before, thanks to the growth of the internet […]

4 Employee Cyberthreat Traits

To succeed in today’s modern competitive business landscape, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This will equip you to identify areas where employees may need further training, including cybersecurity awareness.  Are you sure that your employees can resist threats and prevent cyberattacks?  Certain employee traits can indicate a lack of […]

Why Passwords are Your Business’s Weakest Point

In today’s digital world, safeguarding your organization’s online assets is critical. Unfortunately, poor password hygiene practices by some employees cause problems for many small businesses, leaving them vulnerable to hackers.  Cybercriminals are constantly trying to find new ways to break into business systems. Sadly, too often, they succeed thanks to weak, reused, or shared passwords. […]

Beyond Passwords: The Importance of Multifactor Authentication

For decades, organizations have used passwords as a way to authenticate users before they access services hosted on the company network. Today, though, companies rely much less on the internal network and much more on services hosted on the internet, such as applications like Office 365, Gsuite, Zoom, Salesforce and more. These services are hosted […]

How to Spot a Phishing Email

Phishing is one of the most common types of cybercrimes. In 2021, Canadians lost an estimated $230 million due to fraud. 34% of that was from phishing attacks specifically. Having your work email compromised can cause tremendous damage to both your personal reputation and the reputation of your business. As a result of an increase […]

8 Steps to Make Your Business Network More Secure

People ask us all the time – What is one thing I can do to improve my network security? Unfortunately we have to reply that there is not one single solution to this challenge, but instead we talk about the strategy of “layering” security solutions, best practices, and technologies to reduce your risk to an […]

How to Deal With Cybersecurity Incidents – A Complete Guide

If your company hasn’t fallen prey to a cybersecurity incident, you’re one of the fortunate ones. Unfortunately most organizations will face a cybersecurity incident at some point. This could be something “small” like sending an email with private information to the wrong person, or it could be a serious incident like being held ransom and […]

6 Simple Ways to Reduce IT Costs

At Tier 3 IT Solutions, we believe money spent on technology should help advance your business goals. Having a technology investment plan that is aligned to those goals will help you focus your spending on items that deliver the highest return. It is a fact that as businesses depend more on technology, their spending has […]