If your company hasn’t fallen prey to a cybersecurity incident, you’re one of the fortunate ones. Unfortunately most organizations will face a cybersecurity incident at some point. This could be something “small” like sending an email with private information to the wrong person, or it could be a serious incident like being held ransom and seeing your company’s private information posted online. Due to the high risk of cybersecurity incidents, your business should have appropriate plans and strategies in place to deal with these kinds of situations.

Most companies that experience a cybersecurity incident find out that it can be traced back to your own employees – they may be saving their passwords on their personal devices, clicking on phishing links, opening unauthorized email attachments, etc. You can be ready and equipped to handle a cybersecurity incident the moment it occurs, as every second matters.

Malware infections spread rapidly, ransomware can cause severe damage to the business, and compromised accounts lead hackers to more sensitive information like personal, client, and financial data of the company. It doesn’t matter on the size of your organization or what kind of business you are in you should have an incident response plan and be ready to take immediate action when incidents occur.

A Managed IT Support Services provider like Tier 3 IT Solutions can help guide you through the incident response planning process but it is something that must be designed internally by each company. To help you get started, here are some key considerations for your Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan.