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Third-Party Security Assessments: Why Every Business Needs One 

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Keeping your business networks secure is an important priority for sustaining growth, maintaining compliance, ensuring customer satisfaction, and defending your business’s reputation. When businesses neglect their network security, they can be vulnerable to cyber threats due to outdated cybersecurity measures and gaps in network security that can be exploited.  

The number of cyber-attacks are ramping up in an increasingly digitized world, and small and mid-sized businesses are amongst the primary targets of these efforts which are evolving. For example, Europol has found that cyber criminals are increasingly using AI and machine learning technologies, increasing the number and sophistication of attacks. In this article, we discuss why getting a third-party security assessment can be so beneficial to businesses of all sizes.   

What are Third-Party Security Assessments? 

Third-party security assessments are tests or evaluations conducted by an independent company to assess the security of a network. These assessments can involve both internal and external scanning and are usually conducted using industry standards such as the NIST and CIS Controls. 

It’s no wonder why many companies are now investing in these assessments, as they provide peace of mind that the networks they are using daily are secure. Here are some of the benefits.  

Benefits of Third-Party Security Assessments 

There are several benefits to investing in third-party security assessments. 

  • Objectivity: An external security consultant will provide an unbiased assessment of the network. This means they won’t be swayed by any internal biases or opinions. They have no stake in the outcomes of the assessment and their opinions can be trusted. An external body can also offer a fresh perspective and draw attention to issues that internal staff have become blind to. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: A third-party security assessor will not only analyze the internal configuration of the network but also investigate external elements such as remote access control and penetration testing. This will help ensure that potential threats are identified and that access controls are working correctly. 
  • Thoroughly Documented: The results of a third-party security assessment will be thoroughly documented. This is important for any business as it can provide proof of the company’s commitment to data security and can serve as evidence in the event of an audit. Of course, it also serves as a reliable and detailed map of where there are gaps in a business’ security posture.  
  • Reassurance: Having a third-party security assessment can provide business owners and IT personnel with assurances that the network is secure, and that all security controls and protocols meet the required standard. 

As you can see, investing in third-party security assessments can provide invaluable insights into the current security state of a network. It can provide assurances to customers that the networks and systems used by a business are secure and safe, resulting in confidence that inspires continued custom and referrals. 

Customer Support 

Third-party security assessments are an important part of keeping any network secure. Businesses should look for vendors who are experienced and knowledgeable about the latest security protocols, and offer comprehensive assessments.  

Additionally, the vendor should be willing to provide customer support to address any questions or issues that may arise as a result of the assessment.  

Every Business Needs Network Security 

With the increasing number of cyber threats and the ever-evolving security landscape, businesses must invest in third-party security assessments to ensure that their networks are secure. Not only do these assessments provide objective information and comprehensive coverage, but they also provide reassurance that the company is taking the right steps to secure its networks. 

Third-party security assessments are essential for businesses of all sizes. 

Security And Compliance 

With the proper tools and protocols in place, companies can ensure they are secure and compliant with the latest security standards. Aside from providing objective evaluations and detailed documentation, a third-party assessment can offer guidance on how to improve any gaps in your business’ network security posture.  

It’s often overlooked, but third-party security assessments are an important piece of the security puzzle. Businesses should not overlook this critical step in securing their networks. 

When In Doubt, Get Help 

If you are unsure of the best method of conducting a third-party security assessment, seek the advice of a professional. A knowledgeable third-party security assessor can provide guidance and answer any questions about the process.  

With our next-generation cybersecurity solutions, we can help you to reduce the likelihood of your accounts being compromised. 

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