The True Power Of The Cloud Is A Business Resource You Can’t Afford Not To Take Advantage Of. Tier 3 I. T. understands how important the cloud is for your success, and offers a variety of cloud-based services and features to help you increase efficiency, enhance collaboration, and fine-tune operations. We offer full migration and management services for cloud servers, cloud backups or and other cloud-based products. We are a Microsoft Cloud Partner that works directly with businesses to provide cloud services, and will be the first point of contact for any questions or service your company may need. We interact directly with the service or software to keep the project on track, be your representative, and ensure that you are only using, and paying for, services your company requires. Are you using the power of the cloud to improve the success of your business? The experts at Tier 3 I. T. Solutions can show you how to reach your true potential with cloud technology and other valuable solutions. Contact us by calling 780-900-5364 or sending an email to

The Power of the Cloud

The cloud technology is a multi-faceted solution that meets many of your needs, including, security, mobility, improved communications, and flexible, customized services. When it comes to technology, few resources are able to offer the incredible business value that the cloud does, and we are able to help you use it to your full advantage. Is your business enjoying these valuable cloud-based benefits?

  • Quick and easy back-up and recovery options
  • Flexibility of use for all members in your office
  • Automatic software updates which reduce downtime
  • Lower operating costs as a result of no maintenance or hardware expenses
  • Customizable security settings you can rely on
  • The ability to easily access you important information and resources in the event of a breach or failure
  • Enhanced collaboration with the ability to share, publish, and access files, contacts, and more from any place, at any time

 “Hi, I’m Camron – and it’s no secret that technology should work for your business. 

I work with our technology implementation team to be sure the people who need to access critical information remotely can do so easily. 

Could your business use a simplified, streamlined cloud-based system that allows your team to access the information they need, from anywhere at any time? 

If you’re stuck wondering if our Cloud Services are the right solution for your business, I’d love to connect.”

The cloud is a huge opportunity to improve the way you function. Are you taking advantage of it? Tier 3 I. T. Solutions can help you achieve success with the use of industry-leading technology solutions. Call us at 780-900-5364 or send an email to to get started today.