Cloud Services

The cloud means different things to different businesses; some are moving all of their core services off-site, while others are leveraging it for continuity services (off-site backup, email services etc.) Many businesses see cloud computing as an opportunity to save time and money, all while protecting their critical data. Cloud storage solutions allow companies to have peace of mind. These services offer easy and quick back-up and recovery options, automatic software updates, flexibility of use, higher degree of file control, and are eco-friendly.

We offer full migration and management services for cloud servers, cloud backups or and other cloud-based products. We are a Microsoft Cloud Partner that works directly with businesses to provide cloud services, and will be the first point of contact for any questions or service your company may need. We interact directly with the service or software to keep the project on track, be your representative, and ensure that you are only using, and paying for, services your company requires.

We can help you:

  • Migrate to a hosted Exchange service to manage your contacts, calendar and email synchronization/sharing. We set up the new service with Microsoft, prepare your mailboxes, synchronize your data, complete the migration/changeover, and provide staff training.
  • Move to, and maintain other cloud-based services including:
  • Cloud file servers
  • Hosted application servers
  • Off-site data backup
  • Remote desktop applications
  • Cloud Storage

Data Backup

At Tier 3, we take your data seriously. We know that a company’s files are the lifeblood of their operation, and that if anything happened to that sensitive and important information, the result could be disastrous. With our secure, off-site backup service your files will be protected from viruses, server failure, accidental deletion, and even natural disasters. Our team manages, stores, and protects information with Data Superhero. This unique service offers secure file synchronization and virtual file servers. Learn more about our off-site back up services here.