The Landscape Of Technology Is Changing, And It Is Important You Keep Up. Sometimes that means being able to access important information and resources on your network from a remote location.

When travelling, working from home, or in a number of other scenarios, your workforce still needs to be connected. Tier 3 I. T. Solutions can help, by offering their expertise and experience with reliable file syncing service.

Through Data Superhero’s SecureShare service, we are proud to offer business grade file synchronization services to allow your staff secure access to company documents with or without an internet connection.

Tier 3’s powerful encryption technology ensures all sensitive information is sent and stored in a secure, encrypted format. Perfect for remote work stations, and individuals who work flexible hours, our SecureShare file syncing service gives you the freedom and flexibility to access your important data and applications at any time, and any place.

We’re not only able to provide you with the software you need, but also guide you through every step of implementation, deployment, management and support, to ensure your technology is always working at it’s best.

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At Tier3, we’re proud of Data Superhero and the benefits it offers to our clients.

If your business needs to be able to securely access sensitive information in a secured environment, we can make that happen.

Not sure how we can help? I’d love to chat.”

If you are looking for file syncing and remote access solutions that will make a difference, look no further than the experts at Tier 3 I. T. Solutions. Reach out to us at 780-900-5364 or send an email to to hear more about what we can do for you.