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Cyber Readiness Program For Insurance Professionals

Supporting deals and securing win-win-win outcomes for brokers, carriers and businesses by minimizing risks, ensuring security, enabling competitive premiums, and policy renewals.

How Our Program Closes More Deals For You & Empowers Trust

Struggling to stand out in the market and secure more deals? You’re in the right place. Cyber risk is high and so are premiums; even worse, it’s difficult to validate cyber risk so that you can offer better deals and encourage policy renewals.

That’s where our cyber readiness program can help. Our program harnesses our expertise to lower cyber risks for businesses and insurers alike, providing the information that carriers need to offer incentivizing premiums against significantly lowered risk profiles.

We offer a cyber insurance readiness assessment, penetration testing and 60-days of free user awareness training to bring these benefits to life, enabling you to close more deals and renewals.

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Why do your clients need to be Cyber Ready?

Lower risk is your bridge to creating better outcomes for insurance carriers and your business clients. Cyber threats and attacks are a key contributor to this, and often, the right knowledge and tools are missing for businesses to demonstrate a lower risk profile. 

So they get higher, disincentivizing premiums and carriers want to avoid pay-outs in the light of non-compliance, and businesses want better deals to enter the market and renew their coverage. 

A strong, demonstrable cyber security posture empowers policy compliance, unlocks better premiums, and contributes to long-standing, fruitful business relationships. 

How we Secure Businesses and More Deals for Insurers and Insurance Brokers

For The Insurance Industry

Insurance carriers and brokers rely on information to offer competitive services, but gaps in technical knowledge and expertise between businesses and insurance providers prove to be a pain point, but also a massive opportunity. 

Our Cyber Readiness Program takes your clients through a proven industry-aligned process that maps out and addresses the cyber  vulnerabilities that elevate their risk profile. We work with all parties to create a cyber-ready, secure business that can concretely demonstrate its robust cyber security posture. 

We do this by: 

1) Working with 3rd parties to offer a thorough insurance readiness assessment that ensures a business is well prepared and aligned for the process of getting competitively cyber insured. 

2) A holistic and thorough cyber security penetration test, giving you a detailed report of vulnerabilities and exposures, while for the business, we offer a complimentary basic report with options available for vulnerability remediation assistance.  

3) 60-days of complimentary cyber security training for the business’s users, giving them a range of best practice guidance and helping to nurture an empowering partnership. 

For Businesses

Our Cyber Readiness Programs helps businesses to not only tap into some of the best insurance offers on the market, but also, to empower their operational integrity, business continuity and secure growth for the future. 

We work with insurance specialists in the industry to maximize each business’s cyber readiness, both in terms of receiving insurance coverage and their general cyber security posture. We work with businesses to elevate their cyber security posture so that they have everything they need to demonstrate a substantially lower risk profile. 

We then conduct a cyber security penetration test that provides insights to each business; we will offer remediation assistance to them to address any vulnerabilities that are uncovered across their network, devices, data, apps and user accounts.

Businesses also get 60-days of complimentary cyber security training for their team, giving knowledge of best practice guidance that can be implemented to consolidate their security, enabling them to ensure their security and access to competitive premiums. 

The Tier 3 IT
Cyber Readiness Assessment

Our advanced Cyber Insurance Readiness Program equips insurance brokers with the tools to help your clients strengthen their cyber defenses.

This program includes a detailed cyber readiness assessment that evaluates the client’s current cyber security measures and offers practical recommendations for improvement.

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After the assessment, what comes next?

The Tier 3 IT
Cyber Readiness Program

In an era where digital security is paramount, our Cyber Readiness Program offers a seamless blend of knowledge and action, tailored to safeguard the essence of your client’s business. 

This initiative is designed as an infinity loop, symbolizing the continuous nature of cyber protection, integrating six key areas: their unique landscape, comprehensive education, strategic planning and process, meticulous technical controls, the human factor, and the adoption of best practices. 

Each phase interlocks to form a resilient shield, empowering your clients to stay aware, prepare, and secure in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Cyber Security Cyber Readiness Timeline

How do I get started?

There's a simple three-step process for helping clients and prospects to access superior insurance premiums and offers, enabling you to nurture relationships and close more deals:

Share our info sheet with your clients to advise them of the FREE guidance on offer that you can invite them to participate within, potentially saving upwards of $3,000.​ You can access the info sheet and get started with working with us by getting in touch.
Register your details and the details of any clients that wish to participate using our dedicated form (get in touch) or by contacting our team.
We will get in touch and talk you through the next steps to help you in supporting your clients to mature their level of cyber posture.​
We get to work helping your clients to minimize their cyber security risks! Empowering a collaborative win-win-win outcome for all parties.

Want to secure better deals for your clients?

If you recognize the need for improved cyber readiness among your clients and want to collaborate on enhancing their cyber strategies, connect with Tier 3 IT to enhance your competitive edge.

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