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Cyber Security

IT Security and Cyber Security have become serious concerns for businesses. As one of the top cyber security companies in Edmonton, Alberta we understand that your business simply can’t afford to suffer costly downtime or fall victim to an attack, leaving you without access to your important information and resources.

There are new security threats every day; it’s absolutely imperative that your business adopts a proactive approach to managing the very real risk of cyber crime. Using industry-leading technologies, our Security Analysts will help you strike the right balance between convenience and security to protect your critical information and your business operations. At Tier 3 I. T. Solutions, we’ve created an in-depth network and security analysis to set the standard for cyber safety in your business.

Tier 3 IT is an IT Security Services Company in Edmonton, Alberta That You Can Trust

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Understand the risks to your data

Our I.T. Consultants help identify, locate, and document the critical pieces of data within your organization.


Design and implement protections

Our technical services team will design technical safeguards to provide "layers" of security for your critical data.


Ongoing review and compliance

We work with your team to continuously review and update the data protection measures within your business.

“Moving your data, and related services to the cloud introduces new challenges for your business to consider.  Our team is focused on understanding our clients expectations, the services they use, and the security solutions available to them.  When we introduce cloud solutions to our clients we want them to be secure, scalable, and reliable.”

- JP, Cyber Security Expert