Tier 3 IT has been proudly providing Data Backup Services to Edmonton & area businesses for 30+ years.

At Tier 3, protecting your critical data with robust data backup systems is our number one priority and it’s why we take backup so seriously. In the early 2000s, we recognized that most small and medium-sized businesses weren’t doing regular backups – so we started searching for an offsite backup services solution.

In 2006, we founded Data Superhero – a unique data backup system – to backup our clients’ critical information. This simple, automated system will backup new and modified files from your servers and network on your schedule, and send them to our secure servers for safe keeping. Once the backup is complete, you receive an email notification so you can be confident that your data is safe.

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Why Backup Your Data?

System Crash

Sometimes, despite an organization’s best efforts, hardware or software can crash.


Accidental Deletion

Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. Sometimes, clicking the wrong button can mean disaster.

Disgruntled Staff

Ensuring your data is safely backed up ensure your organization is protected  from team members with the wrong intentions.

Backup Services You Can Rely On

“When my computer crashed, I knew that all my personal files, customer files, documents, tools, templates, books and articles I had written, financial records, contacts, testimonials, marketing materials, course materials, e-books and all the other information I treasured and kept in my computer were 100% safely backed thanks to Tier 3.”

– S. Steckly

How Our Backup Services Work

Select Your Data

Select the files you want to protect. Our unique offsite backup system allows you to choose which files and folders to back up. Protect business-critical data and valuable files that you’ve created at the click of a button.

Back Up Your Data

Your files are securely backed up and kept in sync. Our backup system will automatically encrypt and send your files to our secure servers for your protection. You will then receive an email showing that the backup was successful.

Retrieve Your Data

Easily restore files so you can keep working. If the worst should happen, there’s no need to panic. Quickly retrieve files to get back up and running without any interruption.

“Hi, I’m Shane. Among other things, I’m in charge of protecting your business’ information. Backing up your digital assets may not be the most glamorous part of the business, but if you lose your data, it can mean serious setbacks. I work with our team to ensure we know exactly where your critical data is located and to set standards for successful data recovery. Rest at ease knowing that in the case of a major incident, I’ll be working to put the recovery plan we’ve created in action to ensure your business’ continuity.”

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Many IT companies will wait until something breaks, then fix it. At Tier 3, we’re committed to a proactive, not reactive approach.

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