Our solutions include hard drive data recovery as well as general data backup and recovery services.

Are You Certain The Data That Your Company’s Success Hinges On Is Backed Up Correctly? Equipment failures, accidental deletions, viruses, sabotage and of course, natural disasters. These are all very real risks for businesses.

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At Tier 3, we understand how critical the security of your business’s data is. That’s why we’re proud to offer robust, secure data backup and recovery services to Edmonton and area businesses.

Over two decades ago, our team came to realize that most small to medium-sized businesses weren’t actually completing regular data backups at all, which was putting their businesses in serious risk. So we searched for an answer.   Enter, Data Superhero. Data Superhero is a simple, automated system that backs up new and modified files on your business’s servers and networks on a continuous basis. It then sends the files to our secure servers, which are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the data backup is complete, an email notification is sent, and you can rest at ease knowing your data is safe.

“Hi, I’m Nick. Among other things, I’m in charge of your business’ information.

Backing up your digital assets may not be the most glamorous part of the business, but if you lose your data, it can mean serious setbacks.

I work with our team to ensure we know exactly where your critical data is located and to set standards for successful data recovery.

Rest at ease knowing that in the case of a major incident, I’ll be working to put the recovery plan we’ve created in action to ensure your business’ continuity.”


Does your business have a powerful, automated system in place to ensure your business’s most important asset is safe? The experts at Tier 3 I. T. Solutions can show you how to reach your true potential with our reliable offsite backup services. Contact us by calling 780-900-5364 or sending an email to sales@tier3it.ca.

Data Recovery Edmonton

Our secure data backup services are quick to set up and easy to use, and will make sure your critical information is protected and available for a quick restore just in case the worst should happen.

Is your business’s backup process this simple?

  • Select the files you want to protect. Data Superhero lets you choose which files and folders to back up. Protect business-critical data, files that you’ve created or those priceless family photos.
  • Your files are backed up and kept in sync. Data Superhero will automatically encrypt and send your files to our secure servers for your protection. You will then receive an email showing that the backup was successful.
  • Easily restore files so you can keep working. If the worst should happen, there’s no need to panic. Quickly retrieve files to get back up and running without any interruption.

“When my computer crashed, I knew that all my personal files, customer files, documents, tools, templates, books and articles I had written, financial records, contacts, testimonials, marketing materials, course materials, e-books and all the other information I treasured and kept in my computer were 100% safely backed up at Data Superhero.” – S. Steckly Statistics have shown that up to 60% of businesses that lose access to their critical information for a week or more will close their doors within 6 months. It’s shocking, but true. A robust, dependable offsite data backup solution is a critical puzzle piece to ensuring your business is safe. Are you certain your business is protected?

Tier 3 I. T. Solutions can help you achieve success with the use of industry-leading technology solutions. Call us at 780-900-5364 or send an email to sales@tier3it.ca to get started today.