Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. For mission-critical data as well as sensitive records, regular backup is a necessity—a service too many small and medium-sized businesses are ignoring, often to their detriment. Like all chores, regular backup is as necessary as it is unexciting. The alternative, however, is a collapse of your critical digital infrastructure and a potential loss of revenue. Your solutions here, whether physical or remote, may determine the effectiveness of your business’ recovery.

Without proper procedures and policies, you may find your insurance provider denying you coverage for I.T. disasters. Our team ensures your policies, encryptions, and backups are consistently up to date—protecting you from both liabilities and system damage.

Tier 3 I.T. Solutions develops practical and unobtrusive solutions for ensuring your essential data remains in your hands, even when disaster strikes. (3) (1)

Why Backup Your Data?

System Crash

Sometimes, despite an organization’s best efforts, hardware or software can crash.

Accidental Deletion

Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. Sometimes, clicking the wrong button can mean disaster.

Disgruntled Staff

Ensuring your data is safely backed up ensure your organization is protected from team members with the wrong intentions.

How Our Data Backup & Recovery Services Work

Select Your Data

Select the files you want to protect. Our unique offsite backup system allows you to choose which files and folders to back up. Protect business-critical data and valuable files that you’ve created at the click of a button.

Cloud Services

Back Up Your Data

Your files are securely backed up and kept in sync. Our data backup system will automatically encrypt and send your files to our secure servers for your protection. You will then receive an email showing that the backup was successful.

Server & Network Support

Retrieve Your Data

Easily restore files so you can keep working. If the worst should happen, there’s no need to panic. Our data backup & disaster recovery solutions will quickly retrieve files and run without any interruption.

“When it comes down to it, the most valuable asset you have is the information your team creates, manipulates, stores, and shares on your servers and computers. I am personally committed to ensuring that this information is protected through thorough backup assessments, reviews, and ongoing monitoring. You can rest at night knowing that we have a proven data backup solution to protect your information from loss, and to restore quickly when needed.”

– Shane, Data Protection Expert