Tier 3 IT Solutions is proud to offer IT Procurement Services to in and around Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Our IT Procurement services include the strategic selection of both hardware and software.


Our IT Procurement Experts work with you to determine the right solution for your business, within your budget.

Tailored Solutions

One size fits all just doesn’t work here at Tier 3. Our IT Solutions are thoughtfully customized to each of our clients.

Technology Reviews

We meet with you to review the priorities of your technology program, and to discuss performance improvements and recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Team Work

In-house IT professionals often run into time management and budget constraints in having to deal with a wide array of technical issues. Our team saves your business a whole lot of headaches.

“When you’re in need of new equipment or software for the office, it makes sense to purchase through a company that already knows the details of your business operations, and can recommend the right items for your needs. As our IT Procurement lead, I find the hardware and software solutions that best match your business’s needs, budget and ultimately – business goals.”

Edmonton IT Procurement

Planning, sourcing and buying computer equipment for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Our clients get industry-leading tech products configured, delivered and supported without having to worry about running around town to find the right solution.

At Tier 3 IT Solutions, the IT Procurement process we’ve developed provides timely, optimized solutions that solve the business problems you need solved. Looking for some professional guidance? We’re here to help.

We think you’re going to like working with us.

Unlock Potential

We work with businesses to discover and unleash the potential of technology by planning and implementing the right solutions.

Better Every Day

Our purpose is to simply help your business run faster, more efficiently and ultimately more profitably.

Proactive Approach

Many IT companies will wait until something breaks, then fix it. At Tier 3, we’re committed to a proactive, not reactive approach.

Let’s Get Started

Interested in learning more about whether we’re the right IT company for you? We’re here to help.

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