Network & Server Support

Network & Server Support Services

Your server stores, shares, and protects all of the information that is created, stored, and manipulated in your business. The network support specialists at Tier 3 IT will design and setup security and permissions to control connections to the server, the internet, and other resources in your organization. Together these are the keys to your company’s most valuable information resources. With literally thousands of options, and settings these two critical components of your infrastructure need a network support specialist’s attention.


The way your Server & Network are set up and their health will determine the security and stability of your network. Our computer and network support technicians have a detailed set of standards that they follow when configuring and maintaining these critical components of our clients’ network to ensure they’re all up to standard, at all times. Unfortunately, not every “computer guy” out there is operating at the same level. Our unique Server & Network Management approach includes regular reviews and updates by our technical support team to ensure the server we set up for you stays current according to industry best practices, security guidelines, and vendor recommendations.

Protecting Your Critical Information

1. Users and Permissions

Our network and server support specialists will manage the users, the groups they belong to, and the data they can access.

2. Storing and Sharing

Once users and permissions are configured, our Support Specialists will ensure the critical data is secure and efficient backup processes are implemented.

3. Centralized Applications

Mission-critical applications are configured for coherency and access across all levels of data security—from management to the field.

4. Growing

As your business grows, we ensure that your infrastructure can scale effectively. Efficient storage, privacy, and cybersecurity at any size—on-premise or within the cloud.

Network Support Expert

“Keeping your network and server system secure and stable helps your team focus on their day-to-day jobs. These are complicated systems that require a level of expertise and attention that your regular “computer guy” just doesn’t have. You need an I.T. Support Professional to properly manage these critical systems on your behalf. I’d be happy to help you explore this in more detail.”

- Nick, Server & Network Support Expert