Tech terms to know in the modern business world

Tech terms are everywhere, and it seems like everyone uses them nonstop. But do they actually know what they mean …? Do you...? If not, here are a few tech terms every modern business professional should be familiar with. Learn what each term means and pick up a few conversation starters in the process. Cloud Computing When you store your data within a remote or offsite server, you rely on the cloud to handle business. This usually means you can access your data from any location or with any connected device. It improves your flexibility and makes your business more… read more >>

4 reasons your business will get hacked

Businesses get hacked all the time. At this point, we expect hackings to happen. But… this doesn’t mean we necessarily accept them or that we forgive a business when they become a victim of a data breach or fall upon a security misfortune. This being said, it’s important to know which weaknesses will get your business hacked, so you can avoid these things at all costs. Here are a few things that will most certainly throw your business into a world of hacking.   You aren’t training your people. Usually, technology is pretty smart, and for the most part, it… read more >>

Why Security-Savvy Staff Can Upgrade Your IT Security Services

While IT security services plays a HUGE part in keeping your data safe from cybercriminals, your employees are equally responsible when it comes to proper online procedures. Programs work to keep attackers out, but your staff has the ultimate power to let someone in. This is why security-savvy staff can easily upgrade your IT security services from basic to advanced. And you don’t want to leave a single stone unturned when it comes to protecting your business. Below are ways to find out who these knowledgeable people are, how to get them on your team, and what they bring to… read more >>

5 Ways to Keep Your Staff Mobile and Secure

These days, work doesn’t just happen from nine to five. With smartphones and other devices, business happens 24/7. As a boss, it’s important to foster mobility—but, at the same time, boundaries should be established to keep your data as secure as possible. Even if you don’t supply your staff with company devices or require them to work from home, most employees still use their personal devices to access company information from work and on-the-go. For this reason, it’s important to take the security of these connected devices very seriously. Here are a few best practices to keep your staff mobile… read more >>

Your Edmonton Solution for All Your Tech Problems

workplace room with computers in row
When you have an I.T. issue, it can impact the productivity of your entire business. Thus, having a knowledgeable I.T. company you can trust to address any tech issue that arises is one of the most valuable resources your business can have.   At Tier 3 I.T. solutions, we understand the domino effect that can happen when a technology issue arises. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a full service I.T. company with a deep-rooted understanding of I.T. management and maintenance.   Some of the things our qualified team of I.T. professionals can help you with include:   Hardware… read more >>

New Website to Serve You Better!

Man viewing Tier 3 website on computer
As our business develops and our customer base grows, new challenges and unique needs arise. To meet these, we decided to work with BubbleUP Marketing to develop a new website that better serves you – our clients. As a technology company, we eat, sleep and breathe all things Internet. So, it only makes sense that our website reflects that. We wanted to create a site that clearly and concisely communicates what we do and how we do it. We also wanted it to be functional, so that users can connect with us quickly and efficiently. After all, when you have… read more >>

Protecting your data, saving your day.

Our motto says it all - your data is the most important part of your computer and we work tirelessly to ensure its safety so that you can restore that information quickly and easily it when you need it most. Some statistics show that up to 60% of businesses that lose access to their critical information for a week or more will close their doors within 6 months.  This is a frightening statistic but can be easy to understand - think about what would happen to your business if your staff couldn't access the information they need every day.  It… read more >>