File Sync Services – Edmonton and Surrounding Area

One of the challenges business face today is that staff don’t always work from within the head office. This means that those remote users need a way of reading and modifying up to date documents wherever they might be. Through Data Superhero’s SecureShare service we are proud to offer business grade file synchronization services to allow your staff secure access to company documents with or without an internet connection.

Your files will be continuously synced and encrypted for safety with Data Superhero. All files are sent and stored in an encrypted format. This service is perfect for remote work stations, and those who work flexible hours as well. You can restore any amount of information easily, without any disruption.

Data Superhero uses 256 bit AES encryption so only you, or specified users, have access to your important information. It is extremely easy to install and will protect everything from critical data to family photos – you choose the files you’d like backed up. Our servers are monitored 24/7, so you know your data will be safe with us.