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Our Story

Our journey to becoming one of Edmonton’s leading I.T. service providers started with humble roots and a strong connection to our clients, and our community. We’ve continuously learned, developed, and invested in the growth of our team and our business with the goal of offering even better service to our most valued clients.

Business Leadership Award Winner
Jesse Hill was honoured to be recognized as one of Business in Edmonton’s 2019 Leadership Award recipients. This award recognizes our team efforts that go into building and running an exceptional business that has client service at its core.
Ekota Central Acquisition
On July 1st, 2018 we acquired the operations of Ekota Central Ltd. — another leading Managed I.T. Services provider in Edmonton. This allowed us to expand both our operations and technical scope.
Business of the Year
As our company and client base grew, we were recognized as the Business of the Year for exceptional service, rapid growth, and effective solutions.
Spirit of Giving Award
In offering a long-term support plan for The Riseup Society of Alberta, we were recognized for our contribution with the Spirit of Giving Award. To this day, Tier 3 I.T. Solutions provide rent and utility-free space for counsellors and domestic abuse victims.
Launching the Tier 3 I.T Solutions Brand
With eyes on the future, we launched our new brand as Business I.T. Specialists to better reflect the essential role we were coming to play.
Leduc Small Business of the Year
It was an honour to be recognized and rewarded as the Small Business of the Year by the Leduc & District Chamber of Commerce.
Proactive Solutions
As clients began asking for more streamlined IT packages, our team began developing a first-generation Managed I.T. Services offering. This would form the basis of the B2B focus that would become Tier 3 I.T. Solutions.
Protecting your Data
Shortly after Jesse Hill joined the leadership team, we launched our first cloud service—a secure, off-site backup platform called Data Superhero. This innovative solution came early in our cloud-service portfolio and remains an integral part of what we offer today.
Growing Momentum
As computers entered the mainstream, Cottage Computers expanded into a retail location for home users and business owners alike.
Pioneering Vision
Gary and Mary Lou Hill recognized early on that computers would have an unprecedented impact on small businesses. Together, they founded Cottage Computers Ltd. to support businesses that were adopting this new technology.
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Hi, I'm Jesse and I look forward to speaking with you.

An IT Support partner that you can trust.

I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled and the service they provide to our clients.  It’s because of them that we’re able to make a positive impact in our clients’ businesses and the communities we serve.

Our clients run businesses that depend on technology to operate but don’t have the expertise in-house to manage all the aspects of their Information Technology.  Our unique service delivery model is focused on a business first approach whereby we seek to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and how technology can help you move closer to those goals.  I’d love to connect with you to talk about how we might be able to help you improve the Stability, Security, Strategy, and Supportability of your network.