Residential Computer Support

Our team specializes in computer support and services for not only businesses, but also residential customers under the Cottage Computers brand. We know that computers, routers, and networks can be tricky. Whether you’re having security issues, trying to back up your important data or pictures, or just having issues booting up, we can help.

Benefits of working with Cottage Computers:

  • Live customer support
  • In-home visits
  • Certified I.T. Technicians
  • Superior virus protection
  • Worry-free identity theft defence
  • Router and network support
  • Protected off-site data backups

We’ll ensure your user experience is exceptional, and that your family members are working and gaming stress-free.

Email Us Today!

We offer a flat hourly rate for residential customers or a monthly fee for those that need a little more guidance. Whatever the level of computer help you need, we can provide it.