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We have a different perspective on the impact technology can have in your business

At Tier 3 I.T. Solutions we aren’t just in the business of fixing your computer problems – Our IT consultants will help you design a technology strategy that will help you overcome business challenges and achieve your business goals. For us, technology is so much more than the “bits and bytes” that most providers focus on. As one of Edmonton’s leading Managed IT Service Providers we know what it takes to build and implement these plans for businesses of all sizes.

Delivering on this commitment is harder than you might think.  It means understanding the frustrations and the opportunities that technology presents for your business and your people. And then marrying the business acumen with the technological skills required to plan, implement, secure, and support those solutions.

At the end of the day we believe that technology is a core business process just like Finance, HR, Operations, and Sales & Marketing. Therefore you need a technology consulting partner who can sit at the boardroom table and help guide your team through the ever changing technology landscape.

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Technology should support your business goals

Understanding your business goals helps our team of technology specialists develop impactful strategies to achieve greater success.


IT solutions should help solve business challenges

Not every problem has a technology solution, but understanding the roadblocks you’re facing is the first step to helping overcome them.


No two strategies are the same

Every business has a different outcome they’re trying to achieve. Therefore, every business needs a unique technology strategy to support that vision.

We believe that technology is a valuable tool that can be used to help your business soar to new heights and drive predictable business outcomes. Our unique approach to technology strategy, planning, and implementation has delivered measurable results to businesses in manufacturing, hospitality, medical, accounting, legal, retail, and more.

Because we come to the table with a “business first” focus we learn about our clients’ goals, the challenges that are holding them from achieving them, and finally how likely they are to apply to technology to those. With this deeper understanding we can design a unique strategy that encompasses all the relevant factors to deliver a positive return on their technology investments.

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