By now, likely every business has been approached, and considered moving their key technologies to “the cloud”.  This often causes confusion about the benefits and the risks. You’ve probably read articles and heard people say that the cloud is more secure, but is that really true?

From one perspective, yes. If you have your servers hosted in Microsoft’s data centres, that means you have enterprise grade infrastructure, backup power and internet, biometric controls on the doors and all of these measures will help physically protect your data.

However, there is a debate around the cyber security posture of being in the cloud compared to hosting your servers locally. When you move your servers to the cloud, all of your users now need to connect into those through the internet instead of being local. Ideally you’ll be setup to use a secure connection or a VPN but there have been countless examples where this hasn’t been done and it’s caused serious problems.

We also have to make the point that hosting all of your data in one location or on one server simplifies your cyber security strategy compared to putting your information in multiple locations, clouds, and services. If your staff diligently use a password management tool, then a lot of the outside risk can be mitigated.

The long and short of it is that the solution that works for one business might not be the best one for yours.

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