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Three New Roles In The Tier 3 Team: Apply Today!

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We’re excited to announce that we’re hiring for three new roles in the Tier 3 family. We’re a technology company that are passionate about people; helping people, nurturing people and empowering people both inside and outside of the business.  

Our mission is simple: to help build stronger businesses through thoughtful technology implementations.  

We’re looking for awesome, driven and positive people to join us to who can further our mission and amplify the positive contribution that our business makes to the lives of our clients and the people they serve.   

You can find out more about these roles here:  

Are you ready to take your career to the next level with a driven, passionate and growing business? Read on to find out more about us, why we’re hiring, and the benefits of being a member of the Tier 3 team! 

Join The Next Step On The Tier 3 Journey  

We’ve been around for over 30 years and although the times have changed, what has remained constant is our drive to continuously improve, develop and build a thriving culture. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we are proud to have a culture with low turnover and consistently high employee survey ratings, which are benchmarked against hundreds of other IT companies.  

We’ve opened us these three positions to support our ongoing growth and development as a company. We’ve been proud to deepen and extend our roots, which are embedded in the community, in quality partnerships with our clients, and a fantastic culture that nurtures its people.  

We’re strategic providers of IT services, ranging from consultancy and IT project delivery to cyber security and tailored IT support. Over the last few years, we have redeveloped our organizational structure to enhance the quality of service and working experience for our people. So what’s changed?  

We’ve developed proactively client-focused roles just like the three roles above, that empower our people to focus on the work that they are passionate about. We believe this is better for our people and our clients, so whether you’re a technical and detail-savvy problem solver, or a strategic thinker and excellent communicator, we have opportunities that let our people leverage their personality and skills to make a difference.  

We are also committed to doing our part to create safe communities with ample opportunities. We believe in supporting causes that support people. We are proud sponsors of the STARS Air Ambulance, Riseup Society of Alberta, Community Options, the Horizons Centre, the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation, and a range of other local community groups.   

A Company That Cares About People 

We take the employee experience seriously; if our people are not happy and satisfied in their work, neither will our clients. We’re a genuinely open and feedback-friendly culture that listens to its employees.  

In our team surveys, there was a big calling to support full time remote work. So we listened and implemented just that! Now, most of our people work full time away from the office. We didn’t just leave it there, we keep our people connected and able to do their best work by helping them to create a supportive home-office environment, keeping a connected and interactive culture, and through the precious little things like sending treats to celebrate employee milestones, and more.  

We believe our culture is the number one reason why we create sustainable and successful relationships with our clients. As a long-standing but evolving business, you’ll be joining a dynamic business that empowers you to grow and make a difference.  

Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level? Apply To Join Tier 3 Today. 

Are you ready for a workplace where you can do your best work? A thriving culture that cares about your wellbeing and success? A place where new opportunities are constantly emerging? Then consider applying for Tier 3!  

If you’re passionate, dedicated, and focused on delivering value to people through the power of technology, then Tier 3 is the right place for you. Click the links below to find out more about our three new roles and how to apply today!   

Jesse Hill


When you entrust your business to an I.T. company, it should be more than a contract – it should be a relationship built on the assurance that your I.T. advisors are ready to help in any situation. As the owner of Tier 3 I.T. Solutions, Jesse is familiar with key business operations and strives to assess challenges within businesses and find opportunities for growth. He has a constant curiosity and drive to help cut down on operations costs and take away the frustration of technology. Keeping his customers happy motivates him to develop detailed technological strategies to assist with business development. Jesse knows that technology isn’t the answer for every problem, and strives to bridge the gap between problem solving and implementation of best practices.