The technology your business uses is out of date the day you install it. From the time it’s packed, shipped, and setup in your office time has passed and the vendors have found ways to improve upon the security, stability, and features of that particular device. Your technology strategy needs to include a process to keep these updates and patches current across all devices at all times. With that in mind many vendors have tried to simplify this process by including “automatic” update procedures and while it sounds tempting, we strongly advise against turning that on for many of your core infrastructure components. Unfortunately, if an update has a problem and it is applied automatically, you and your business will suffer from interruptions and downtime.

Instead you need a proactive patch management process that allows your team to review updates as they are released and then plan a time and date to test and deploy it across your computers, servers, and network.  By adding this review process your computers will only get the patches they need, after they’ve been tested and verified, so that they don’t unintentionally bring down or interrupt you key systems.

While patch management sounds simple, once you account for the complexity that comes from having multiple operating systems, application versions, and business scenarios, we rarely find a “one size fits all” approach will work.  In our quest to help provide top notch Managed IT Services to businesses in and around Edmonton, AB we have refined this process to a fine science. By proactively managing the patch releases and deploying them within a defined maintenance window our clients’ systems are up to date, secure, and stable.

When you’re ready to talk about how Proactive IT Management procedures like this can help your business we’d be happy to chat.