Upcoming Webinars

Multi-Factor Authentication

Are you concerned about cybersecurity attacks? You should be! Passwords alone aren’t enough to protect you and your business. Multi-factor authentication, or (2FA), is a much better solution.

At our upcoming webinar, Jesse Hill, our president, will discuss how 2FA can help protect your business in detail. You’ll learn:

  1. Why passwords aren’t enough anymore
  2. What is Multi-factor authentication?
  3. Best practices for MFA
  4. How to take a holistic approach
  5. And much more!

Accounting Redirecting Scam

As a business owner, you know that making money is important. But did you know that protecting your money is just as important? Join us as your President Jesse Hill discusses the best payment practices for the accounts payable department within your business. You’ll learn how to keep your hard-earned money safe and sound from cyber criminals!

The Swiss Cheese Model For Risk

Are you concerned about potential risks to your business? Do you want to learn how to better protect your company? Then join us on Nov 24th, as our President, Jesse Hill, dives deeper into how to use a Swiss Cheese model for risk. This approach is based on building multiple layers of defense, with each layer containing its own flaws or holes. By creating several distinct layers of protection, you can reduce potential risks and keep your business safe. Sign up below!