IT Support

We have a different perspective on the
impact technology can have on your business.

Managed I.T. Support Services Edmonton

Our team understands that when a ticket is submitted, it represents more than just a logged problem. It represents a break in your workflow, a potential loss of revenue, and a source of frustration.

Our Support Specialists coach your users while solving pressing technical issues. Tier 3 I.T. Solutions are focused on driving down the technology interruptions that go along with digital growth. We are the most reviewed IT Services Provider in the Edmonton area and take our 97%+ ticket satisfaction rating to heart.

We respond quickly and with empathy, every time.

Tier 3 I.T. Solutions has been proudly providing Business I.T. Support Services to Edmonton & Area businesses since 1990

I.T. & Helpdesk Support

Our Team of I.T. Support technicians help solve the everyday operation questions. With response times of less than a minute and follow-up on any review under 5 stars, you can trust our effective strategies and human-first process.

Computer Support

Your team uses a variety of devices in their work, and each requires secure and streamlined servicing. Our team runs proactive maintenance and commercial-grade security solutions alongside efficient policies to minimize downtime and technology budgets for your team.

Server & Network Support

Network & Service Support

The health of your digital infrastructure is the health of your business. With that in mind, our team of specialists implements discreet and effective security measures to ensure your devices are stable, reliable, and in peak condition.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services Support & Management

As more business services are moved into the cloud, we ensure first that proactive security measures are in place to protect the transfer and serviceability of your essential business functions. Our cloud computing team will help assess the sites that your company uses, and then design a scalable, security-focused, management process and platform so you can trust that all of your company resources are protected.

Our Process

1. Fix the root cause

The information that is created and stored on our clients’ devices is of utmost importance, therefore our technicians take great care to ensure it is protected from damage and loss. Our technicians will ensure proper backups are maintained, and that there is a recovery path before beginning any work that could impact your data.

2. Automate a repair

Computer service work sometimes requires interruptions due to system restarts, patch installations, and equipment replacements. Our technicians will work with our clients to minimize the impact by scheduling in advance and coordinating with the clients’ schedule.

3. Design a procedure

Helping our clients’ users understand how their technology is configured takes extra time, but in the end, it helps them become more self-sufficient and in turn, they will experience fewer service interruptions as a result. Our technicians will do their best to explain the work being done and how it affects their workflows.

Service Manager

“Hi, I’m Camron and I oversee the IT Support Services team here. At Tier 3, we understand that all the moving parts that make up your business’s Information Technology systems can be overwhelming to say the least. That’s why I work to create simple yet effective IT service programs that help your business operate more effectively, efficiently and safely.”

– Camron Matthews, Service Manager