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Managed Provider Checklist: What Should Your Provider be Doing?

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As your business continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to partner with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT systems, data security, and productivity of your staff. 

An MSP can be an invaluable partner for driving profitable growth in your company, with the ability to introduce costs savings and boost revenue creation for your organization in a range of ways. From speeding up connectivity and ensuring security to automating processes and minimizing downtime with a dedicated and prompt IT helpdesk service, an MSP can offer scalable and cost-efficient support to propel your business to new heights of success.  

But then the key question becomes: ‘how do I identify an MSP that will genuinely be able to provide profitable value for my business?’ In this piece, we help you answer this question with a list of important points to assess when considering an MSP for your business. Let’s jump into it!  

Checklist for Selecting a Managed IT Services Provider 

Here is a list of things you should consider when selecting an MSP: 

Responsive and Proactive IT Helpdesk Support 

A reliable MSP is able to swiftly resolve technical issues at their root cause, which can include internet downtime or slowness, application errors, or device issues that prevent your people from working productively. To verify this, ask for stats that demonstrate prompt response times and look for service ratings from their clients that indicate high-quality post-incident support.  

It is also important to check that this IT helpdesk support is specialized in helping businesses such as yours. For example, do they work with clients that use similar technology to your business?  

Third-Party Vendor Partnerships 

Choosing an MSP that’s partnered with the software, hardware and service vendors you use (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Dell) often makes for an auspicious partnership. These partnerships indicate the provider has an in-depth familiarity with your technology and can offer other benefits such as vendor discounts and certified configuration and support services, making your life easier. 

Local On-Site Technical Support 

Some IT issues may need on-premises support, meaning an MSP that can offer on-site support is crucial for your business, should it ever be required. Choose a provider that can easily dispatch IT technicians to your premises, either from a local office or via their network of local IT support professionals. That way you’ll be able to quickly remedy issues whenever hands-on help is needed. 

Cybersecurity Support 

Given the increasing importance of cybersecurity for businesses, an MSP should be able to protect your IT assets from cyber threats using a number of effective technical controls. These cybersecurity measures should combine to provide multi-layered protection, covering every IT security domain, including web traffic, data, devices, cloud services and user identities. An MSP with a comprehensive managed security offering will ensure cyber risks are properly managed and that your data is secured in line with your compliance obligations. 

Compliance Support 

Many MSPs offer compliance support, with a number offering dedicated services that help businesses to comply with regulations such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and regional-level regulations such as Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).  

Network/Data/Application Monitoring 

An MSP worth their salt will be able to provide 24/7 monitoring and incident response services for your on-premises and cloud-based networks. They will be able to do this while managing and optimizing the underlying infrastructure to enhance value in your business. If your business uses cloud computing solutions, an MSP can offer an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) management solution to handle and optimize the daily operations of your cloud infrastructure.  

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Support 

Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are incredibly important contingency measures for any business. Be sure to check with potential MSPs that they are able to keep your data regularly backed up and secure using a reliable, managed data backup service. This will enable your business to quickly get back on its feet should disruption strike.  

Contract Flexibility 

The more flexibility, the better! Flexibility means the MSP cares enough about its clients to tailor and evolve its services in lockstep with its clients’ needs. Avoid long-term contracts and generic services that are not tailored to your business; the provider should also be able to provide ad-hoc services and design tailored solutions that mean your business is only paying for what it requires, while having a reliable partner that can support its new projects and endeavours.  

Skills & Certifications 

Ensure that your MSP showcases skills and certifications that can serve as proof of the value it can offer to your business. Look for vendor partnerships with those such as cloud solution providers, cybersecurity accreditations, as well as certifications for quality assurance and project management. These all serve as indications that the MSP will be able to service the range of needs that your business has or could have in the future. 

System/Infrastructure Compatibility 

Verify whether the MSP has expertise in managing your business’s applications, IT infrastructure, and other IT assets. They should possess in-depth knowledge of your systems, including configuration and troubleshooting to provide effective support. Additionally, confirm that their tools and systems are compatible with your own IT environment, ensuring smooth integration and interoperability. 

Documented Response Times 

The MSP should document competitive response times as well as clearly define them in the service level agreement document (SLA). This enables you to measure their performance and to hold them accountable should performance fall below expectations. Some MSPs will also provide reports to their clients that demonstrate compliance with their SLAs, such as the number of tickets closed and the time taken to resolve them. 

If possible, find or request overall SLA and other service-focused statistics that reflect the service that they provide to their existing client base, ahead of signing a contractual agreement.  


Selecting a proactive, skilled and long-term MSP that can evolve and scale their support with your business can be a game-changer. A great MSP enables your business to get the best out of its technology on the day to day and strategic levels, giving you the tools to drive short- and long-term profitable growth.  

By following this checklist, you can thoroughly evaluate potential MSPs and ensure they align with your specific needs and requirements. By carefully considering the factors discussed, you can choose an MSP that will be a valuable partner, enhancing the efficiency and security of your IT systems, and facilitating maximum productivity. With the right MSP by your side, you can focus on core business operations and be confident in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.  

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