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Running your services from a local host can be inefficient, resource-heavy, and host to security concerns. Migrating your services to the cloud refers to streamlining your business by offloading data and processes to remote services.

Cloud computing, if done properly can make your business much more efficient. However, cloud services and solutions are only as good as the quality of the research, the implementation, and the follow-through. Talk to us today to start a conversation about how moving your business applications and data to the cloud could be the right answer for you.

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Common Cloud Services And Solutions

Microsoft Office 365

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses transition to Office 365 services like Email, Sharepoint, Teams, and more. With our deep cloud migration expertise, we can help you move to, and manage your Microsoft Office 365 services.

Secure, Off-Site Backups

As a pioneer in secure & off-site backup services, our team of cloud computing experts has a deep understanding and appreciation for protecting your critical information. We will implement automatic, monitored, data protection systems to keep your business data secure.

Cloud Security Platform

Your staff log into dozens of different web services to support your clients and run your business. We help protect access to those sites and manage the security across different providers with a secure Single Sign-On and Two Factor Authentication platform for your entire organization.

“Technology should work for your business, when and where you need it. I work with our technology implementation team to be sure the people who need to access critical information remotely can do so easily. Could your business use a simplified, streamlined cloud-based system that allows your team to access the information they need, from anywhere at any time? If you’re stuck wondering if our Cloud Services are the right solution for your business please reach out so we can discuss it with you in more detail.”

- Roland, Cloud Services Expert