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IT Strategy & Consulting

Elevate Your Business Using Technology. 

IT Consulting & Strategy Services

With the right expertise and strategy, you can unleash the power of technology in your business. Our dedicated technology strategists help you to find the right solutions that add value to your workflows and services, ensure they are aligned with your systems, and smoothly implemented to drive efficiency and profitability.

We work closely with our clients to develop a technology strategy by taking the time to understand their IT environment, goals, viable solutions, and then bring them together into an actionable and value-focused masterplan. Our ongoing reviews ensure that your strategy continues to be aligned and deliver value for years to come.

Tier 3 Staff Member

Why should you consider IT Consultation & Strategy support?

IT is an essential part of any modern business, but it can also be complex, costly, and challenging to manage. That’s why you need expert guidance from IT consultants who can help you plan, optimize, and secure your IT infrastructure and strategies. Here are some examples of where you could benefit from our Consultation:

Digital Transformation Planning

Businesses need to stay competitive in the digital age. This involves leveraging digital technologies to improve processes, competencies, and business models. A consultant can help assess current capabilities and develop a roadmap for transformation.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

An optimized IT infrastructure can lead to improved efficiency and cost savings. Consultants can evaluate existing hardware and software, recommend upgrades or replacements, and help implement scalable cloud solutions.

Cybersecurity Strategy

With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, businesses need robust cybersecurity measures to protect their data and systems. Consultants can conduct security assessments, design and implement security measures, and provide ongoing monitoring and threat intelligence.

Data Management & Analytics

Effective data management can help businesses make informed decisions. Consultants can help develop data governance policies, implement efficient data storage and retrieval systems, and leverage analytics for business insights.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Businesses need to be prepared for potential disruptions. Consultants can assess risks and vulnerabilities, design and test disaster recovery plans, and implement strategies for uninterrupted operations.

Software Development Consultation

Custom software solutions can enhance business operations. Consultants can advise on these solutions, review existing applications for optimization, and identify opportunities for automation.

Our IT Strategy Process


We guide our clients using a unique technology strategy review process that maps their IT environment, requirements and goals, to begin finding the best solutions on the market for driving efficiency and growth.

IT Master Plan Design

Our IT Masterplan is developed in close partnership with your business to empower it to derive maximum value from its IT investments. The masterplan delivers an actionable roadmap to value and strategic success.


We will be able to support your business to practically implement its technology initiatives with our technical and project management expertise.

Ongoing Review

We will work closely with your business to monitor, refine and align your IT strategy to your evolving needs and context, ensuring that it can scale.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Our mission is to help businesses derive maximum benefit from technology, by helping them to move from where they are, to where they'd like to be.


Gain oversight of your technology, explore the best solutions on the market for empowering your business, and understand how to navigate the implementation of your IT strategy.

Scalable Growth

Our expertise ensures that your technology remains aligned, efficient and scalable. We take your future growth plans into account, and ensure your solutions and network is always calibrated for expansion.

Enhance Profitability

Our services are focused on driving value for your business. With our IT strategy services your IT investments will deliver maximum return on investment, providing gains for your business in more ways than one.

Project Management

With our integrated technical and project management expertise, we can act as your project partners for achieving seamless and empowering IT project implementations.

Technology Partner

With Tier 3 I.T. Solutions, you'll have a genuinely strategic partner that will serve as a dedicated source of expert strategy for achieving success with the help of technology.

Technology Roadmap

Working with you to develop a tailored and realistic IT masterplan, your business will be equipped with a clear roadmap for implementing the best solutions on the market.

Our Tried And Trusted Process

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Hi, I'm Jesse and I look forward to speaking with you.

An IT Support partner that you can trust.

I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled and the service they provide to our clients.  It’s because of them that we’re able to make a positive impact in our clients’ businesses and the communities we serve.

Our clients run businesses that depend on technology to operate but don’t have the expertise in-house to manage all the aspects of their Information Technology.  Our unique service delivery model is focused on a business first approach whereby we seek to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and how technology can help you move closer to those goals.  I’d love to connect with you to talk about how we might be able to help you improve the Stability, Security, Strategy, and Supportability of your network.