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Proudly providing Business IT Support Services to Edmonton & Area businesses since 1990.


Manufacturing businesses face unique technology challenges that can impact their production processes and bottom line. Equipment failures, system downtime, and cybersecurity threats can disrupt operations and lead to lost productivity and revenue.

Our unique approach to providing Managed IT Support services means manufacturing businesses experience fewer technology interruptions and can keep their operations running smoothly. We understand that your production process relies heavily on technology, from CAD software for design to ERP software for inventory management. That’s why our team of experienced IT professionals can help you identify and address any issues with your technology infrastructure, so you can focus on producing high-quality products.

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Transportation & Logistics

Compliance and cyber security are among the top IT challenges faced by the transportation and logistics sector. When cyber threats strike, they can cause critical losses in time and costs, and seriously disrupt the delivery of services across the supply chain.

We know that ensuring a seamless, efficient and secure operation is a top priority for businesses operating in this sector and our unique IT solutions reflect this. We secure your fleet and transportation management with robust, industry-grade measures that ensure an efficient and secure operation, enabling you to deliver for your partners and customers.

Professional Services

To stay secure and maintain a competitive edge, businesses operating in the professional services sector need remote-friendly technology solutions that empower efficient and seamless collaboration, data security, and interoperability between their applications and tools. With scalable and tailored IT solutions, they can be empowered to get ahead of the curve while remaining secure and compliant.

This is where Tier 3 IT can step in. Our strategic end-to-end solutions can help businesses in this sector take the next steps in their technology journey, helping them to achieve more, using less resources. From IT strategy and consulting, to cloud services and tailored IT support, Tier 3 IT can help your professional services business stay ahead of the curve.

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Hi, I'm Jesse and I look forward to speaking with you.

An IT Support partner that you can trust.

I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled and the service they provide to our clients.  It’s because of them that we’re able to make a positive impact in our clients’ businesses and the communities we serve.

Our clients run businesses that depend on technology to operate but don’t have the expertise in-house to manage all the aspects of their Information Technology.  Our unique service delivery model is focused on a business first approach whereby we seek to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and how technology can help you move closer to those goals.  I’d love to connect with you to talk about how we might be able to help you improve the Stability, Security, Strategy, and Supportability of your network.