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The 4 Pillars of IT Success Part 1: IT Stability and Security 

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Having a secure, high-performing and reliable IT environment is the foundation for business success in our digital world. There are four key pillars to IT success: stability, security, support, and strategy. These pillars empower the running of a business that is lean, resilient, secure and forward thinking; so that you can stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge in your market, which is something we all strive to achieve. This is all made possible through daily operations that run seamlessly, remaining unshaken by cyber incidents or disruptions, and incorporating the latest technology to enhance security and compliance.  

Tier 3 IT Solutions has been helping small and medium businesses to manage their technology since 1990. We’ve found that most business owners don’t want to know all of the bits and bytes that go into the work that we do; what they really want is for technology to empower them to Grow A Better Business. Out of this experience and a focus on driving success, the concept of the Four Pillars of IT Success was born. The pillars focus on creating tangible outcomes by delivering higher levels of Stability, Security, Support and Strategy.  

In the first piece of two, we will explore the first two pillars of IT Success, which are Stability and Security. These will serve as a foundation for achieving sustained high-performance in your business, subsequently empowering service excellence for your clients.  

Stability: Creating a Firm Foundation 

You want computers that work consistently throughout the business day so that your team can focus on serving your clients and growing your business. We have learned over the years that every IT support ticket represents an interruption to your business and should be avoided. By thinking differently about our role (as compared to the average IT company) we work proactively to build a more stable computing environment. We call it Stability, and it’s a cornerstone to the entire concept of IT Success.  

We know that most businesses today depend on technology to keep their day-to-day operations on track. And because the tech we use is getting more and more connected, a single failure can impact the entire organization. Keeping your network, cloud, and computers running smoothly is one of our top priorities and we believe in working proactively to design maintenance plans, deploy patches and updates, and to plan technology projects and investments. 

There are a number of key facets to ensuring stability:  

      • Reliable and up-to-date hardware 

      • Fast and reliable network infrastructure, including hosting 

        • Effective system monitoring 

        • Cybersecurity measures 

        • Regular maintenance and updates across your IT infrastructure  

        • IT support that fixes issues at their root-cause 

      We believe that reducing the number of interruptions you and your team experience as a result of technology problems, requires a proactive plan and approach. Your IT support provider should have people on their team who are responsible for ensuring your network is reviewed and kept up to date on an ongoing basis. There should also be a plan to review and deploy updates and security patches, and you should have a technology investment plan approved in advance to avoid unexpected costs.  

      Getting insights into your IT environment will mean examining your hardware, network infrastructure, applications, connectivity, telephony solutions, and just as importantly, engaging with stakeholders and asking the key question: ‘are any parts of our IT environment unreliable, and why?’ 

      Security: Securing Your Digital Assets 

      Physical security has always been important. Many years ago, this type of security was essential for preventing criminals from causing serious damages and losses. As the world digitizes, there is a new cyber-dimension to criminality. Just as you might have cameras, doors, locks and security services to safeguard a physical building, your IT estate requires the digital equivalents of these to detect, prevent and thwart cyber criminals trying to penetrate your digital assets maliciously. Not only is this a commercial imperative, it is an ethical and legal one too. 

      The security pillar involves answering the key question: ‘is my digital premises protected and secure against the range of threats beyond it?’ Cyber criminals are using intelligent tools that regularly test the networks of larger and smaller businesses for vulnerabilities. When they find them, they prepare for the ‘break in’, whether it’s via phishing, attempting unauthorized access, or cracking login credentials. The damages can really set a business off-balance and hamper their reputation, operations and commercial success, a risk that some only fully comprehend after a breach has taken place. 

      Implementing comprehensive cyber security measures involves a multi-faceted approach. This includes deploying robust firewalls, encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and regular vulnerability assessments. It’s also imperative to empower your users with the awareness of cyber threats, how they work, and the best practices for keeping your business secure.  

      Like with stability, you will be empowered to take effective action by seeing where you currently stand. You can start by creating an inventory and assessment of your current cyber security measures and compare them to industry best practices. For example, it can range from small things like inconsistent use of Multi-Factor Authentication across your applications and devices, to larger risks such as not having oversight over the devices accessing your network, which can occur via staff using potentially unsecure personal devices to access your IT environment for example.  

      We believe that Cyber Security is a journey and not a destination. This means that enhancing the cyber security of your organization is an ongoing effort that will change and evolve over time. There is no such thing as a 100% secure environment, because although we can implement very thorough security measures, we all rely on people to operate the technology and they are unfortunately going to make mistakes. It could be an employee who falls for a phishing attack, or perhaps someone who acts maliciously against an organization. Regardless, we must remain vigilant and constantly reassess our risks so that we can continue to improve the Security or our organizations. 

      Combining the Pillars of Stability and Security 

      While stability and security stand as individual pillars, their true strength lies in their synergy. A stable IT environment bolsters your security efforts by minimizing vulnerabilities caused by system failures or downtime, while robust security measures will contribute to the overall stability of your IT environment by safeguarding it against malicious attacks that can disrupt your operations. 

      These are critical ingredients to achieving sustained and high-quality end services, from manufacturing to finance or real estate, every sector relies on stable and secure IT to deliver competitive services while remaining compliant. Consequently, stability and security are fundamental pillars to achieving high performance and commercial success. In our next piece, we will cover the pillars of support and strategy, which comprise more dynamic and forward-looking aspects to creating success with the help of IT.  

      The Path Forward: Uniting Stability and Security for IT Success 

      In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where competition is fierce, and innovation is the currency of progress, stability and security form the bedrock upon which IT success is built. For manufacturing, construction, services, and real estate industries alike, maximizing the potential of these pillars unlocks a world of possibilities. 

      Remember, stability is more than a technical achievement—it’s the backbone of operational continuity. Likewise, security is more than a shield—it’s a commitment to safeguarding trust and reputation. By nurturing these pillars and fostering their synergy, businesses can forge ahead with confidence, knowing that their IT environment is poised to support their endeavours and protect their interests. 

      In embracing the four pillars of IT success—stability, security, and the two yet to be explored—you’re not just fortifying your digital infrastructure; you’re laying the groundwork for a future where your business thrives, adapts, and conquers new frontiers. The journey has just begun, and the possibilities are limitless. As you navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, let stability and security be your steadfast companions, guiding your organization toward sustained success in the digital age. 

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